2013 was pretty good for our family.  We had several enjoyable trips, some together and some separately.  All four of us went to Pittsburgh for Spring Break, mainly so we could show the girls Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” house, and discovered the extra bonus of a tour of ANOTHER nearby Wright house, Kentuck Knob.  We also went to the Carnegie Science Museum and closed that puppy down! Summer time found us camping in NH… unfortunately one of the rainiest camping trips we’ve ever had.  Kaz now has the best raincoat she’s ever owned.  Doug had several work trips to Washington State and San Diego, and Kaz had a lone trip to Connecticut – the only night she’s spent away from the family, other than her surgery, in about 12+ years.  The girls went to South Carolina to see Kaz’s parents and enjoyed a lovely stay that included visits to the pool, a bizarre late night hunt for dinner at Broadway on the Beach, and nightly walks on the beach.  We all went to a Nationals Game where Kaz battled with her fear of heights and sort of won.  (But the Nats did not.)

Erika had a pretty exciting year, including several parts in several plays, a few stints at open mic nights with song and poetry, and she cantors and solos with her youth choir at church.  Academically she is doing very well in her sophomore year and most enjoys her Theater Production class.

Kat is in second grade and LOVES to go to school. She really likes her teacher and is expanding her group of friends. She and Erika both started Tae Kwon Do this year and both are doing well in that and enjoying it.  Kat was SO thrilled to break her board on the FIRST TRY this last graduation (Green Belt) because she had been having a lot of trouble with her practice boards.

Doug has very much enjoyed being involved in the set builds for Erika’s plays (has even gone to ones where Erika didn’t have a part) and further honed his wood working skills when he made both Erika and Kaz’s (well, it’s Kaz and Doug’s, but wording that is strange) new desks.  They are beautiful.  Doug also trained and passed his test to officially become a Project Management Professional this year.  Kudos to him!

Kaz has been busy volunteering in Kat’s classroom twice a week, and helping the Room Mom. She also helps out in the CCD office while Kat is in class, and stays busy driving everyone where they need to go.

Keep up with us on Facebook (everyone but Kat) and Happy New Year!!

                                                                             Kaz, Doug, Erika, and Kat